We Can Stop Tesla: Volkswagen Aims To ‘Leapfrog’ Tesla in Electric Car Race with Four Affordable Electric Cars

For long, Volkswagen’s vehicles have competed against cars with Japanese engines. But, the competition for these vehicles is about to change. Volkswagen, the German automaker, is all set to enter the electric car race. The world’s largest automaker by worldwide sales, Volkswagen will roll out not one, but four affordable electric cars in the next […]

Automakers and Tech Firms Join Hands!

Technology is the basis of the world we have come to live in. It is what drives us forward. Speaking of drive, one of the best examples to explain our advancements based on modern tech is that of the automobile industry. Vehicles, as we see them today, are far from what they were a few […]

Rolls-Royce Rolls Out the New Mansory

Back in the initial days of automobiles, they were nothing more than a new medium of traveling. Today, they are a medium of travel, a symbol of status, a definition of utmost comfort, and so much more. There is a vehicle for almost any budget you set for purchase. You can get an automobile for […]

California Fuel Standards Become Tougher!

In a recent poll, the air regulators in California cast their vote in favor of keeping the tough vehicle emissions standards for a bit longer. California is generally considered to be a state with strict vehicle emissions standards. As per the unanimous voting by the Air Resources Board, the standards will continue to be implemented […]

Why Are Used Automobiles So Difficult To Find?

The US automobile industry has been on the rise since its inception. In fact, people love to have their own transport at their disposal whenever they need it. For some, it is the about the love of automobiles, while for others, the sheer ease in traveling acts as a core driver. Either way, it is […]

Daimler Halts the Delivery of Gas-Powered Smart Cars in the US

It is beyond any doubt that the automobile industry is booming all around the world. Modern tech has made vehicles far more comfortable. This technology has deemed automobiles more of a luxury today than a means of transport. The pace with which this industry has progressed will leave any person spellbound. We first moved from […]

Deep Subprime Is a Matter of Concern for the US Automobile Industry

If the financial crisis in the real estate sector wasn’t bad enough, we are now on the verge of a crisis in the car loan market. In order to help you better comprehend this discussion, you should first know what a subprime and deep subprime loan is. Subprime Loan Whenever you take out a loan […]

Peugeot’s Opel/Vauxhall Purchase Might Not Be a Great Idea

One of the biggest automotive deals that took place in the year 2017 has been between General Motors and Peugeot. It is quite a well-known fact that the American automotive giant has been struggling to run in the European market. After a fair bit of struggle, GM made the difficult yet wise decision of dropping […]

Honda Civic Type R Will Finally Debut in the US

Honda Civic Type R has long been a fantasy for those in the US as the car has never been seen on the streets of this country. While it may not matter much to a layman, the fanatics craved to get behind the wheel and witness the true sportiness of Honda’s elite manufacturing. Fortunately, all […]

Tesla S P100D Can Get From 0-60 Mph in Less Than 2.5 Seconds

Tesla has been on the forefront of the automobile industry for quite a while now. The automobile was introduced back in 2003, and has since then placed its feet firmly in the green-car market. It is soon to release one of its much awaited newer versions of the Model 3. The automaker claims that it […]