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What to Know About the Possibility of Increased Car Tariffs in Japan

Each year, the U.S. imports goods from Japan — from clothing to cars, the U.S. gets a lot of its goods from Japan. In fact, imported goods from Japan amounted to $132.2 billion in 2016 alone. But with talk of increasing tariffs on auto exports from Japan by President Trump, the number of imported cars […]

The 2018 Ford F-150 Diesel Tons of Torque and 30 MPG Highway

We all know how truck enthusiasts love diesel engines and trucks! With the introduction of the 2018 Ford F-150, they appear to have good reason to. The 2018 Ford F-150 offers a towing capacity of 11,400 lbs, with a torque output of 440 lb-ft. On top of that, the truck offers a payload rating of […]

Tesla Model S Travels 670 Miles on A single Charge

Yes, you read that right, the all-new Tesla can actually travel six hundred and seventy miles on a single charge.  Tesla has always had a knack for developing products which provide users with a glimpse into the future and it seems that they have yet again personified the word innovation with their latest Model S.  […]

Mazda’s Upcoming Skyactiv-X Compression Ignition Engine Promises Diesel-Like Fuel Economy

Mazda is one of the few powerhouse automobile companies that keep surpassing everyone’s expectation. They have a unique approach when it comes to building automobiles and their impeccable designs and performance are two of the many factors which have contributed to the exponential success of this company. Now it seems that Mazda is at it […]

Here’s What Happened to All of the Flooded Cars after Hurricane Harvey

Here’s What Happened to All of the Flooded Cars after Hurricane Harvey Hurricane Harvey proved to be one of the most devastating hurricanes that have targeted America. According to U.S Treasury Secretary, this hurricane actually caused damages up to $ 180 Billion! Yes, you read that right this hurricane annihilated everything in its path and […]

Ford CEO: Self-driving taxis won’t replace the private car

Ford recently parted ways with their former CEO Mark Fields due to his position regarding autonomous cars.  His replacement is Hackett who on the other hand has just taken a realistic approach to autonomous vehicles and is determining the trajectory of the company; he has already displayed his willingness about this fledgling technology as he […]

Everything You Need To Know About the Upcoming 48-Volt Electrical Revolution in Cars

The automobile industry is one of the most versatile industries in the market today, every year there are new innovations that make cars more complicated and high tech. These innovations and the strict emission regulations play an integral role in the current structure of the automobile industry. This is exactly why 48 volt electrical systems […]

Britain to Ban Sale of Gas, Diesel Cars by 2040

The whole world is scrambling to combat the growing air pollution crisis, as every year our environmental footprint keeps increasing at an expedited rate. With global warming at its peak, Europe has taken many different measures to curtail this crisis and protect the environment from different aspects.  Recently Britain announced that by 2040 the sale […]

Autonomous Cars Race Narrows on Doubts about Clear Path to Profit

Automobile giants BMW and Daimler are considered to be the world’s renowned luxury automobile manufacturers and have recently announced that they are joining an alliance with different suppliers. According to sources, both BMW and Daimler have made these mergers in order take advantage of a larger pool of resources in order to develop a self-driving […]

AMG to Launch New 53 Line

There is no doubt that Mercedes vehicles are the personification of class and sophistication, every new series has a certain refined design that sets it apart from all of its competitors and when it comes to high performance, nothing can compare to the iconic Mercedes. Every one of their vehicles somehow manages to pay tribute […]