Save Your Car-Insurance Payments from Growing

July 15, 2014

Automobiles are a blessing you cannot deny. They have made what essentially took hours, a journey of mere minutes. However, owning a car is not as same as it was probably a decade or two ago. Today, the maintenance itself costs a fair buck, out of your paychecks. Consider the car insurance, for instance.

While there are many good car insurance companies, an equal amount in the market makes the most of each and every opportunity to empty your pocket. In other words, a lot of companies tend to add to the insurance, despite the fact that in an accident, you are not at fault. Let us go through a few reasons why a certain insurance company may raise your insurance fee in the said circumstance.

Series of Events

There are many drivers for whom getting in an accident is a rare event. On the other hand, for others, it is a part of their routine. If you are part of the former group, there is a fair chance that your insurance fee may not be increased, even if you are to blame. But at the same time, if bumping into cars is somewhat a habit of yours, you can expect an upward inclination in your insurance fee, even if you are not at fault.

Potential Risks

The thing about insurance companies is that they charge on the probability of your car accidents to happen. This may include things like your history of road rage or anything of the sort. This is in addition to the number of times you have gotten into a car accident in the past. The good part is that such companies do take into consideration if a certain minor accident in the past was not your fault. However, frequent major accidents may call for an increase in the premium.

Cases against You

While almost all the car accidents are subject to investigation, one-car accidents drop the entire blame on your shoulders. This is regardless of the reason why the accident happened in the first place. If there is only your car involved, you are the culprit in the eyes of the car insurance company 100% of the times. In other words, you are likely to see an increase in your payments in case of a one-car accident.

Police Aren’t the Authority

A lot of people go to an insurance company stating that the police officer called the accident to be a fault of the opposite driver. This does not make a case in your favor because a police officer is not the authority to determine the one at fault, a representative of the insurance company is. He or she is the one to be convinced. These representatives take detailed measures and are experts in identifying the person at fault.


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