Everything you need to know about upgrading your brakes

May 16, 2015

You can improve your vehicle’s stopping power by upgrading their current brakes. However, upgrading a car’s brakes is no easy task as there are so many different factors that have to be taken into consideration.

Every vehicle will have to attain a degree of knowledge in the braking mechanism present in their cars and also have to understand the dexterity involved in upgrading breaks.

This is exactly why we at ENGINE WORLD are sharing this concise guide on how every vehicle owner can upgrade their brakes to perfection. This guide has been divided into three different components as all of these mechanical parts systematically contribute to a car’s braking capacity. These components are as follows:

1.     Tires

For all the vehicle owners out there who want to upgrade their cars stopping power, the very first factor that you should consider are the tires. When the brakes are applied, all of the pressure is not just exerted on the brake plates, but also passed on the tires. If they are not up to mark, then this will affect the cars braking capacity. With time, tires deteriorate at an exponential rate due to normal wear and tear. This deterioration depletes the grooves present in the tires.

These grooves have a primary function of creating friction in order to make sure that the car does not skid when the breaks are applied. This is exactly why every vehicle owner should make sure that their tires are new in order to effectively upgrade their cars braking capacity.

2.     Brake pads

This is the most important mechanical component that is engaged the moment the brakes are applied. With time, the brake pad accumulates dust and debris which affects its efficiency and also leads to its rapid deterioration. This is exactly why brake pads have to be periodically maintained or replaced.

Every vehicle owner should first take their cars model into perspective and then harness the power of the internet by researching as much as they can about the most effective brake pads in the market. Due to the sheer amount of options available in the market, it can be difficult determining which product is the most suitable. However, people can easily contact a repair shop to gain further insight. We would recommend using a brake pad material clearing for slotted rotors which will help improve the lifespan of their brakes and people should also consider slotted designs to further improve their cars braking capacity.

3.     Brake Rotors

Finally, the last two mechanical components which can help improve any vehicles’ braking are the brake rotors. When the brake is applied, these rotors push the brake pad against the wall of the rotor which generates friction.  With time, these brake rotors wear down the brake pads, this is exactly why brake rotors and brake pads are periodically replaced or maintained.

In order to improve a car’s braking capacity, people should simply increase the size of their current brake rotors. By increasing the size of the rotors, more friction will be created that will in return help the cars stopping power by a huge margin.

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