Which Cars Can Reach A 200,000-Mile Mark?

February 5, 2016

Automobiles may seem like just another piece of tech genius, but they seem to be much more than that for most people. There are only a few gadgets in life that we actually get attached to on a personal level. The two key things include our cell phones and our cars.

Yes, cars are also among the most common things that people tend to get attached to. For some, it is a car passed on as heritage while for others, it is years with the same car, and experiencing a major part of life with it. Before you know it, that car itself becomes a key aspect of your life, it’s something you love!

Unfortunately, there aren’t many cars that can stay beside you long enough for the bond to be created, but the following vehicles sure can. These are some of the vehicles that are far likely to exceed a 200,000-mile mark!

Ford Expedition

One of the most likely vehicles to exceed the 200,000-mile mark is the Ford Expedition. When you look at what the SUV packs, it becomes quite obvious how and why this automobile ranks among the top spots. Ford Expedition began its journey back in the year 1996 and has been ruling the streets since. With a decent engine, powerful body, and specs that ensure durability, this is easily the automobile for the long-term.

Toyota Avalon

When we talk about Toyota, we think durability. But what shocks quite a few is that it is not the Corolla or Camry that comes with the best of the lives, it is Toyota’s Avalon. It has been over two decades since the car first saw its way into the market. While the exterior has never been its most enticing factor, the engine sure shows resilience to the conditions you put it through. No wonder why it is the number one vehicle likely to cross a 200,000-mile mark.

Toyota Sequoia

The third in line is also a Toyota. Comparatively younger to the ones mentioned above, Sequoia was first launched in 2000. It is a full-sized SUV which boasts sheer power and precision behind the wheels. The aesthetics are nothing to overlook either. This is another vehicle likely to beat the 200,000-mile mark.

Honda Accord

This comes as quite a bit of shock for many. Not because the Accord lacks in quality, but because it is not often seen as a car that will run for this long. Well, as it stands, it is the second most likely automobile to end up crossing the above-stated mileage mark. While the maintenance of Accords might take a few extra bucks as compared to a Toyota, but its sales speak for its quality. Accord has often managed to peak unit sales for its model year.


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