Is Your Car Too Hot to Handle? Here’s How You Can Survive in a Car with No A/C During the Summer

May 3, 2016

A modern marvel that most of us have grown used to, Air conditioning or A/C is something not many people can survive without during the summer. Today, a car without A/C is unthinkable and undesirable, especially in the warmer states. You wouldn’t find many people in Florida, Louisiana or Texas yearning for an old beauty that looks ‘fiiiine’ but has no air conditioning.  Unfortunately, some of us are stuck with our Dad’s Ramcharger or even our Grandad’s Beetle.

If you’re one of them then read on to find out how you can survive the summer in a car with no A/C.

While surviving the summer in a car that does not come with an A/C can be a bit of a challenge, it does not in any way compare to the struggle one has to go through when the car’s factory-fitted A/C stops working all of a sudden. Most people are not prepared for such situations, but they should be.

After all, most vehicles today have crappy engines that eat head gaskets like candy. A car with a weak head gasket will overheat quickly, forcing the air conditioner to switch off automatically.

Does your vehicle overheat quickly, causing the A/C to switch off automatically? If yes, you should consider car engine replacement. You can get replacement auto engines from engine suppliers that offer Japanese replacement engines, low mileage Japanese engines, used auto motors, used transmissions and other used engines for sale.

Replacement engines are a good way to strengthen your car’s engine and ultimately its gasket, which prevents your car from getting overheated and the A/C from switching off automatically. However, as mentioned above, some cars do not come with a factory-fitted A/C.  To survive the summer in such a car, you should do the following things:

Keep Cooling Towels in Your Car

You’re going to sweat a lot in a car without A/C.  Accept that fact and take proactive measures to control how much you sweat in the car.  A good way to keep cool and avoid excessive sweating is keeping cooling towels in your car. These will keep you cool and dry. Keep at least a dozen cooling towels in your car.

Drink Water and Lots of It

One of the biggest mistakes that any person can commit is not staying hydrated in a car without an A/C. If you carry and drink enough water, you won’t feel the summer heat too much.


In addition to the aforementioned, some of the others things you can do to survive summer in a car without an A/C include:

  • Keep your traveling for the evenings
  • Cracking a window to let some outside air flow in

Surviving summer in a car with no A/C is a challenge, a challenge you can overcome by being smart and doing the things mentioned above.






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