Daimler Halts the Delivery of Gas-Powered Smart Cars in the US

May 15, 2016

It is beyond any doubt that the automobile industry is booming all around the world. Modern tech has made vehicles far more comfortable. This technology has deemed automobiles more of a luxury today than a means of transport.

The pace with which this industry has progressed will leave any person spellbound. We first moved from regular fuel vehicle to bio-fuels in order to keep the environment safe from the exhausting gasses. Then we jumped onto more environmentally friendly vehicles which dual engine systems. This also replaced the lost power behind the wheel. The eco-friendly vehicles that we use today use a regular fuel and electric engine simultaneously in order to generate top performance.

The Recent Change

Just as we excelled the eco-friendly engines, automakers had already moved on. A specific example is that of the Daimler. This automobile company came up with a smart car which boasts off and all-electric engine. As of now, it seems that things cannot get better than that in terms of environmental safety, and keeping the most part of your paycheck in your pockets.

Daimler is planning to completely cut off the supply of its smart vehicles that are based on a gas-powered engine. The automaker plans on doing this in Canada and the United States. As a replacement, Daimler has revealed during an interview that it will be launching all-electric cars to run in the North-American market.

The Daimler Move

There is no questioning the quality of Daimler automobiles. From pristine aesthetics to sheer performance, you get to enjoy everything. The ‘Daimler Move’ as most of us tend to refer the matter as, came to surface when Reuters revealed that the head of Mercedes-Benz—Dietmar Exlar—has sent a notice to all the dealers. The letter informed the dealers in the North American region informing about the halting of Daimler’s fuel-based smart cars.

The actions were supposed to take place by the end of the model year 2017. Following is a part of the letter revealing the news to the North American dealers.

“Developments within the micro-car segment present some challenges for the current smart product portfolio,”

Exler further stated,

“A dedicated focus on the electric drive in the U.S. and Canada provides a logical step to support a sustainable, zero-emissions future.”

The plans are, however, confined to the North American region as of yet. There is no information as to if the automaker will take the same measure in other regions.

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