Model 3 by Tesla Is On the Verge of Production

May 15, 2016

Tesla has summoned a fair number of deposits to raise capital for the production of it highly awaited Model 3. It is an electric car which was announced back in April 2016. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, enjoyed the pleasure of making the announcement to the public. He stated that the production of this car will begin late in 2017, further confirmed to be July 2017.

However, there has been a slight twist to the story and Reuters are to thank for it. A recent leak by Reuters revealed that as of March 2017, the Model 3 production is far from being in an initial stage. In fact, it might start production even sooner as opposed to July.

This leak was a conversation that took place between the carmaker and the parts suppliers. If that is the case and Model 3 is going into production, Tesla might halt the production of Model X and Model S.

About the Model 3

Model 3 by Tesla is a much awaited electric car. It is expected to be one of the company’s most affordable cars on the road. Elon Musk also hinted about the pricing of the to-be-launched electric car. He said that the price of Model 3 will start from $35,000 for the basic model, unlike the Models X and S that began at $70,000.

Further Expectations

Since the unveiling of the potential start of the production, it is being speculated that the manufacturer will send only a handful of cars into the production phase. This will, in fact, be a good move on the carmaker’s part to ensure there aren’t any manufacturing faults in the car that might have been left unattended in the planning. The company also has loads of time to pinpoint even the minutest of faults that may come forward in the assembled parts.

If everything goes as planned and even partially as speculated, the final product, the production of which is promised to begin in the mid of this year, will be perfect.

The Pros

Keeping in view the fact that Tesla had a number of prototypes in hand back at the unveiling of Model 3’s existence, the company has followed well on their timeline. This is in addition to the fact that they are on the completion stage, and still have time to test run the product for a precisely accurate release.

Tesla is on the verge of launching probably one of the most-hyped cars. Although we have been stated a potential starting price, the actual range is yet to be confirmed. There have been many who have pooled in deposits to see the car in their garage.


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