The Street Hemi Crate Motor 528ci Boasts Sheer Power

July 15, 2016

The Street Hemi Crate Motor 528ci Boasts Sheer Power

If you are an auto-geek, there is a good chance you will have heard about the Ray Barton Racing Engines. If you haven’t, just know this: when we talk about a Ray Barton Racing Engine, we aren’t referring to anything regular.  You can expect insane power deliveries and unparalleled performances.

These engines are custom designed mostly for the Chrysler drag cars. In addition to that, they also assemble a wide range of combustion engines. This Street Hemi Crate Motor is one of the examples of their work. Let’s dive right into what this motor is all about.

Street Hemi Crate Motor

This RBRE motor is no less than a beast on the streets. It is a 528ci engine which was initially being designed to offer a staggering 750 horsepower, but things elevated a little on the way. The finalized form of the 528ci boasted off a mind-boggling 825 horsepower—talk about being a beast on the streets.

This elevation in power came with the introduction GEN 2 Hemi heads accompanied by a single-plane intake. Prior to this, the street Hemi crate motor was to rock the Street Hemi head assisted by a dual-quad and dual plane intake.

The Installations

The power-boasting engine features five key installments that were made prior to the GEN 2 Hemi heads. To start off, the new Junior Hemi cylinder heads were flow-bench tested. Afterwards, the Hemi block got the opportunity to receive a special machining and blueprinting treatment by the man Ray Barton himself.

This special touch was followed by balancing the rotating assembly so the engine gets to enjoy a better and smoother performance. This also adds to the life of the engine. Then Ray Barton assembled the 528’s short block with utmost care and attention to detail. This takes us to the installation of the GEN 2 Hemi heads.

To ensure elite quality, this engine comes with the same exotic rocker system that you can see being boasted about in the rest of Street Series.

Furthermore, the thing about the Hemi use in the 528ci is that it is Barton-built. This stamp is enough to guarantee the utmost performance of the engine. Although there are several other assembled Hemi available in the market, there aren’t many that match Barton’s class.

The Result

The Street Hemi Crate Motor then ran through a range of safety checks to ensure that performance is not the only thing it gets to brag about, safety must be one of the aspects too!  If you remember, we mentioned at the very start that 528ci offers a staggering 825 hp. At a high rpm 6800-7000, (yes, the engine goes that high on its rpm) it gave around 818 horsepower. In short, this Street Hemi Crate Motor is nothing less than a beast on the streets!


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