Electric Engines Are More Environment Friendly than Gas Engines

August 15, 2016

The battle between gas and electric vehicles might not be the oldest, but it certainly has created hype in the past couple of years. While gas engines rule the streets at the moment, electrics are on the verge of taking over.

If you look at the exterior, the only major difference seems to be an addition of the tailpipe in a gas engine. However, it is what lies on the inside that makes the major difference. From components to performance, every single thing differs. In this article, we will take into account a key difference in both the electric and gas engines—the environmental friendliness.

Global Warming Emissions

To start off, the total global warming emission from electric vehicles barely makes half of what gas-engine based vehicles offer. The funny thing is that even if you take into account the extensive amount of emissions that occur during the manufacturing phase of electric vehicles, even when they fall far behind as compared to gas engines.

In other words, there is no doubt that electric engines are far cleaner than gas engines from the beginning phase of production to the time they are brought to the streets.

Harmful Emissions Will Decrease

Although the current situation was bad, it is likely to get far better. It is expected that as we move forward, the manufacturing plants for electric vehicles will be based on a staggering eighty percent of the electricity that is renewable! What will be the result? Well, you will be getting a reduction of about 25% in emissions. Furthermore, this will also allow the electric engines to enjoy another 84 percent decrease in emissions while on the road.

Manufacturing Issues

Automakers all around the world are working on making electric vehicles far more environmentally friendly than they already are. One of their major concerns is that the source of fuel, the electricity for these cars, does bring environmental harm, which is far from insignificant. While catering to that aspect might take a lot of time, manufacturers can instead work on reducing pollution levels caused during productions.

This can be done using a couple of different techniques including promoting the reusability of lithium-ion batteries. Furthermore, using renewable energy in order to power facilities can also help greatly in reducing the harm to the environment.

Prolific Future

It is fair to say that manufacturers of electric vehicles are working hard to make these cars as environmentally friendly as possible. Initiatives such as those by Elon Musk for the Tesla Model 3 are the perfect example to let you comprehend the prolific future of the growing segment.


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