Ford Invests $200 Million in a New Vehicle Testing Complex

August 15, 2016

Since its inception in 1903, the Ford Motor Company has come a long way and achieved great feats. From automobiles that are an icon of sheer class and performance to ventures that take productivity to a higher level, Ford has managed to do all that in the past little-over-100 years.

The best part about this American automaker is that it still has that spark to continue for the next prolific hundred years. It has joined hands with a wide range of tech companies including Amazon, Google, AT&T in order to ensure a more innovative future for the company, as well as the global automotive industry in general. This shows the zeal of the American automaker to continue the path uphill.

Last month, Ford Motors once again left many startled as it announced its upcoming venture. It revealed that the company will be investing in a vehicle testing facility near Detroit. Let’s go through some of the specifics of the announcement.

The Project

As if there aren’t many already, Ford Motors told the press in February 2017 that it plans on making a brand new complex where it will be testing its upcoming cars. The vehicle testing complex will be based in Michigan and will bear an investment of a mind-boggling $200 million by the American beast.

Ford Motors also revealed that the facility will also include a climate chamber as well as a wind tunnel. This will add to the accuracy of the company’s test and allow the automaker to release automobiles that are designed to perform well in all sorts of environments. In addition to that, this venture will also add to the already great aspects of safety in its vehicles.

Further Details

A spokesman for the company revealed that this $200-million project is set to begin by the year 2019. The facility will, by no means, be small. It will feature a staggering 13-acre space. This vehicle testing facility will be a neighbor to the company’s Drivability Test Facility.

The Extensive Tests

What adds to the hype of the upcoming vehicle testing complex is the fact that a state-of-the-art wind tunnel will be installed in it. To be more specific, the cars that run tests in this facility will be tested for their aerodynamics with winds up to 200 mph. There will be five belts that simulate the winds, one for each wheel and the fifth that goes under the center of the car to test balancing in harsh situations.

Ford’s Performance Global Director said that this facility will allow the American automaker to “share innovations across all our global Ford products”.

The climate chamber will add to the company’s car testing abilities. It will allow Ford to test vehicles at temperatures as low as negative 40-degree centigrade to as high as positive 140-degree centigrade. Ford’s Product Chief stated that this new vehicle testing facility is a token of the company’s will to innovate, progress, and produce greater automobiles for users.


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