Will Self-Driving Cars Be Regulated By Law?

August 15, 2016

This is the modern age and nothing makes us realize that more than the global automobile industry. Year by year, we get to see new, different, and mind-boggling additions to different vehicles from all around the world. This is when we realize how far we have come. This progress has, however, solely been made in the 21st century, at least most part of it has been.

Just before we started imagining about the next leap, manufacturers like TESLA and Google revealed their work on the futuristic autonomous cars. Tesla is at the forefront of the new tech, the news has already been widespread.

Autonomous Vehicles

The next big leap for the automobile industry has been the successful production of vehicles that can drive themselves. This was something that was bound to happen, and that too, very soon! Now the next question is, how will these self-driving cars cope up with the regulations that are standardized around the US? Let’s take a plunge into some specifics to talk about the matter.

The Situation

There have been quite a couple of reports recently, all of which point towards the fact that you will be able to see self-driving vehicles on the road in the next three to five years. This has sparked a concern among the officials and the regulators. Taking in view the progress in the area, they want to bring the segment under legal guidelines for proper regulations.

Designed Parameters

It was a historic moment and quite inspiring for everyone as the US government, for the first time in history, released the first-ever rulebook regarding self-driving cars. The book covers almost all aspects of the car that could attract legal attention. This included areas like the steering wheel, the software, and system are used to drive the cars, and the way these cars would interact with each other.

The publication of the rule book regarding this segment was a big leap. It also went on to show that the government of the United States perceives the segment of autonomous cars to be a certainty of the future.

What does it require?

This rulebook by the US government also talks about several rules and regulations that apply to the automaker rather than the car itself. For instance, every automaker of an autonomous car will have to pass a 15-point procedure for enhanced safety measures. In these points, the car manufacturer will offer details regarding the potential risks associated with the use of an autonomous vehicle. This was in addition to the details regarding backup systems that will be responsible for protecting the passengers in case the primary system fails.


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