Here are the Cars People Hold onto for a Decade or Longer

November 17, 2016

Is there anything that you’ve held onto for a decade or longer? You probably have. During our lifetime, there is at least one possession that we love and want to keep for life. For some people, it is an action figure or stuffed toy gifted to them during childhood by a parent or someone ‘special’. For some, it’s that T-shirt that reminds them of the wondrous teenage years spent with friends and dear ones. And then, there is that rare breed of people—people who love their cars and hold onto them for decades.

Such people though are few and far between. The reason for this is simple: there are only a few cars worthy of being kept for a decade or longer and not many people have them. So, what are the cars that people keep for decades? Let’s find out.

Many prefer to get a new car every few years but there are also some individuals who want to experience the freedom associated with owning a car long after the loan has been paid off. According to a study by iSeeCars, an automotive news, and analysis website, the average length of vehicle ownership is 7.3 years. However, there are some cars, including four Toyota models that are kept for far longer than that.

Even without looking at the details of the study, one can say that the reason that these vehicles are owned longer than other cars is because they have a robust body, impressive safety and entertainment features and a strong engine. So, does your car have a strong engine? If not, then you should consider car engine replacement. Replacement engines for sale are one of the best ways to increase the durability of your car and prolong its life. Whether you want Japanese replacement engines, low mileage Japanese engines or other replacement auto engines, there are some suppliers of used engines that can fulfill your every need. Why let your favorite care go by the wayside when you can refurbish it to work as good as new.

iSeeCars revealed 10 models whose average ownership ranges from 8.8 years to 10.6 years. This is 21 to 45% longer than average vehicle ownership. Following are the 10 cars that made the list, ranked based on their average ownership years.

Rank Model Average ownership years
1 Toyota Land Cruiser 10.6
2 Porsche Boxter 9.9
3 Ford Expedition 9.0
4 Mercedes-Benz SLK 9.0
5 Ford Explorer 8.9
6 Toyota Sequoia 8.9
7 Chevrolet Corvette 8.8
8 Toyota Avalon 8.8
9 Toyota 4Runner 8.8
10 Audi TT 8.8






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