Companies Are Using Robot-Human Partnerships for Better Efficiency

May 15, 2017

As humans are progressing, we are moving towards a more digital world. With latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and their promising future ahead, you cannot help but accept the fact that robots are replacing most of the jobs humans used to do. In the global automobile industry, this can translate into autonomous cars amongst loads of other advancements.

A lot of automakers have already begun using robots in order to seek better efficiency for their cars because let’s face it; robots lessen the chances of errors to the minutest level.

Things are changing!

It is a concern most often than not, that robots will take away our jobs, but several auto manufacturers are thinking a bit differently. They are thinking of putting humans and robots alongside each other so that the levels of precision become elite. In other words, carmakers are using tiny sensors and lightweight materials that can partner with existing employees for best results. This essentially means that neither are we at a risk of being laid off nor is technology being barred from incorporation.

The idea of putting machines beside humans is to use a human’s innate senses and the strength of the machine to build products that are both efficient and effective.

What Lies Ahead?

Jose Saenz—Research Manager Fraunhofer IFF—said that humans and robots working together can offer us “the best of both worlds.”

While robots, as of the current scenario, are a bit too expensive for the smaller companies to use, it is expected that with time, robots will become cheaper, not to mention safer, and it will be then that these smaller companies will also be able to make the most of the robot-human collaborations. This prediction has been made by Jeff Bernstein who is the president of a trade group in Michigan.

The Exhibit

This human-robot partnership is far from a thought, HDT Global has made it a reality. The company recently created a hook that is driven by a motor and is mounted on a robotic arm. HDT Global is known for its robotic prosthetic hands and tactical rescue vehicles which sometimes need brute force to work. This robotic arm out-powers the strength of a human arm and allow for precision cuts and better results when it comes to rescue missions.

However, these robots are not completely reliable yet. Even a minor defect can lead to serious conditions. For instance, Intuitive Surgical Inc. developed a robot surgery system that cost millions of dollars only to recall it immediately because of a certain error which could have potentially created issues in critical surgeries.

The Outcome

There is still a bit of time until a proper human-robot partnership gets incorporated into automobile production processes. While companies like BMW and General Motors are already on it, it will take a bit of time to make the changes permanent.


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