Billions will be blown in race to field first self driving cars

July 4, 2017

Currently, there are over fifty major companies in the competition to field the first completely autonomous vehicles.  According to a study conducted by AlixPartners LLP out all of these fifty competitors, only a handful actually have the capacity of fielding automated cars that are complete in every aspect, according to this consultancy agency only three companies will win this competition.

This consultancy agency further stated that millions of dollars will be lost on ill-placed bets as there is no way to ascertain which companies will be the first to articulate autonomous software for public use. Although there are many companies on this list including Apple who have substantial funds to fuel this project, other companies will have to deal with the daunting task of raising enough capital to even initiate this project.

There are many other renowned names on this list including General Motors Co, Daimler AG, Volvo, and Tesla. Each of these companies has dedicated a substantial amount of their recourses in order to set a new standard for automated cars and each of these companies will bring something different to this platform.

At the same time, there are many companies out there who although are not directly involved in this lucrative race but are actually scrutinizing the situation from every aspect. The moment a company manages to field these types of cars, these companies will pounce on this opportunity and will use the blueprints to field their own line of automated cars.

Which company is poised to win this race?

There is absolutely no way to forecast which company will be the first to field automated cars in the industry, as each company is silently driving towards winning this race.  Their reason why it is so hard to forecast the companies that will dominate this opportunity is due to the array of different factors that come into play.

Every year the society as a whole is changing and there is no doubt that climate change will also play a role in the demand for such eco-friendly vehicles. At the same time, the business culture is every changing and the dynamics of the market will also play an integral role in when these companies actually manage to field automated vehicles.

Currently, the closest any company has gotten to fielding automated vehicles include Google and Tesla, both have recently stated that they are just getting started! But even then both of these companies are still very far from introducing the worlds first completely automated vehicles. Only time can tell which company wins this race, but one thing is for sure fully automated vehicles are on the way.

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