We Can Stop Tesla: Volkswagen Aims To ‘Leapfrog’ Tesla in Electric Car Race with Four Affordable Electric Cars

August 16, 2017

For long, Volkswagen’s vehicles have competed against cars with Japanese engines. But, the competition for these vehicles is about to change. Volkswagen, the German automaker, is all set to enter the electric car race.

The world’s largest automaker by worldwide sales, Volkswagen will roll out not one, but four affordable electric cars in the next few years. And to set down a marker for these plans, Volkswagen unveiled a battery-powered crossover at a recent auto show in Shanghai, China.

A mix between an SUV and a four-door coupe, the crossover vehicle is the third car that Volkswagen will offer under the I.D sub-brand. Fully charged, the vehicle can cover more than three hundred miles and it can be charged up to 80% capacity within just thirty minutes. Moreover, a simple push on the VW logo in the middle of the steering wheel will switch the vehicle to an autonomous driving mode. Finally, to maneuver around, the car uses signals from radar sensors, lasers and ultrasonic scanners and cameras.

With the launch of this vehicle, Volkswagen aims to capture the market currently ‘occupied’ by Tesla’s Model X, an all-electric crossover SUV the American automaker started selling in 2015.

Volkswagen has ‘Big’ Plans

Over the years, Volkswagen’s vehicles have faced stiff competition from cars with low mileage Japanese engines. But, in the end, VW’s vehicles managed to survive the competition and come out on top. Talking about cars with Japanese engines, you can get Japanese replacement engines for your car from some top U.S engine suppliers that offer used motors, replacement auto engines and used transmissions for sale.

Coming back to the topic at hand, Volkswagen aims to go ‘big’ with the launch of its four all-electric vehicles. To be partly developed in China, the four electric car offerings will include a crossover, a mid-size sports utility vehicle, a hatchback and a sedan. Volkswagen aims to sell at least a million of these cars by 2025. But, to get there, the German carmaker will have to work some magic.

As expected, Tesla is not sitting still after Volkswagen unveiled its ambitious plans to ‘leapfrog’ them in the electric car market. Tesla is planning to launch an electric-pickup and a semi-truck before Volkswagen launches its first electric vehicle.

More Players to Worry About

Right now, all of Volkswagen’s attention is on beating Tesla in the electric car market. But, this is a dangerous thing to do as Tesla is just one of the many players the German automaker will have to compete against in the electric market. However, time alone will reveal whether this strategy of targeting only the giant turns out to be right or wrong for VW!






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