1180-hp Ariel electric sports car is real, goes on sale in 2020

January 26, 2018

Concept cars have always been the most widely anticipated vehicles to ever enter the market. These cars provide everyone with a glimpse into the future and are renowned for taking the automobile industry to a whole different level.  Now it seems that car fanatics all around the world can rejoice as Ariel has recently announced that they are building a supercar that has the horsepower capacity of more than 1000! Yes, you read that right; this car can produce 1000Hp and currently is being referred to as the Hypercar.  This name is an acronym for high-performance carbon reduction but according to sources, Ariel will change the name of the vehicle before it is launched.

The Performance Ratio of the Hypercar

When Ariel made this announcement, the entire automobile industry was left in awe as Ariel is trying to achieve something extraordinary over here. The Hypercar will use four small motors which will produce 1,180Hp, which means that this car can actually reach a top speed of 160 MPH within 2.4 seconds! Ariel also announced that they are currently developing two versions of the Hypercar, a four-wheel drive, and a two-wheel drive. Since the two-wheel drive will only have two motors, there is a significant difference between the performances of both of these vehicles. The two-wheel drive will have the capacity of producing 590Hp and will have a staggering torque of 665 Lb. Both of these motors are going to be supplied and powered by a 42-kWh or a 56-kWh battery, it will also use a 35-kW gasoline microturbine engine which will serve as a range extender.

The Design of the Hypercar

The Hypercar is completely different from the iconic Atom and the Nomad, as it has a radical design which looks like it was created in a mad scientist laboratory. This unique car has sleek angular panels, wings and scowling headlights which can be seen from a mile apart.  The Hypercar will include different diffusers and gullwing doors to create a futuristic aura with extremely high sills. The entire body of the Hypercar is constructed using a robust aluminum chassis and a suspension system that would put most cars to shame.  Furthermore, Ariel has still not officially announced the weight of the vehicle which proves that they are still developing the final details of the Hypercar.

According to Ariel, they will showcase their vehicle at the Low Carbon Vehicle Show in England and that the car should be released sometime in 2020. However, car fanatics can easily get a glimpse of this extraordinary vehicle at the low carbon vehicle show next year.  Moreover, it is safe to say that this car is going to be offered at extravagant prices due to its super performance ratios. By taking the vehicle’s performance into perspective it is evident that it will represent excellent value for money, even if the price tag exceeds a million.

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