Britain to Ban Sale of Gas, Diesel Cars by 2040

March 6, 2018

The whole world is scrambling to combat the growing air pollution crisis, as every year our environmental footprint keeps increasing at an expedited rate. With global warming at its peak, Europe has taken many different measures to curtail this crisis and protect the environment from different aspects.  Recently Britain announced that by 2040 the sale of new diesel and gas cars will be banned as an effort to protect the environment due to dangerous emissions and to reduce the environmental impact of internal combustion engines.

However, Britain is not the only state that has announced different protocols and safety measures to protect the environment as France has also followed suit in banning diesel and gas vehicles that operate using an internal combustion engine. All of these measures are designed to curb emissions and help the climate change by encouraging users to invest in electric vehicles. Due to these recent events, even car manufacturers have started taking different initiatives to curtail the environmental crises. For example, BMW has recently stated that they are building an electric version of their mini car in Europe and Volvo stated that they will help fight the environmental crises by phasing out the internal combustion engine.

Besides this, Britain will also invest a lot; approximately two hundred and fifty million pounds in order to revamp public transport. The authorities will use this capital to not only improve the transport infrastructure but will also focus on upgrading the system in an environmentally friendly manner. This means that by 2040 Britain is taking every measure to control the transport industry in order to protect the environment. Furthermore, Britain’s new clean air strategy has been hailed all around the world as it is about time our society starts taking the environment into consideration.

How Will This Shift To Electric Cars Work?

Since Britain has announced that they will ban the sale of brand new diesel and gas cars by the start of 2040, the automobile industry has received a much-needed push in the direction of electric vehicles. Once these vehicles are banned, then consumers will have no other option but to choose electric vehicles. This means that the demand for this type of vehicle will skyrocket and this will create the perfect chance for car manufacturers to capitalize on. Currently, electric vehicles are only demanded in the market due to their fuel efficiency and convenience, once this ban kicks in then this demand will actually become a necessity.

Furthermore since Britain and France are currently the only two states who have decided to ban fuel and diesel automobiles, the effect this ban will have on the entire market will be minute. However, due to the rapid global warming that is taking place, there is no doubt that other countries will also take appropriate measures to help curtail the environmental crises. All of these initiatives will help create a sound structure for the electric car industry to thrive in!

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