Ford CEO: Self-driving taxis won’t replace the private car

March 30, 2018

Ford recently parted ways with their former CEO Mark Fields due to his position regarding autonomous cars.  His replacement is Hackett who on the other hand has just taken a realistic approach to autonomous vehicles and is determining the trajectory of the company; he has already displayed his willingness about this fledgling technology as he has recently publically embraced the concept of self-driving cars.  He has further enunciated the fact that the market should adopt tempered expectations when it comes to autonomous vehicles as this idea can revitalize the entire industry.

Will Autonomous Vehicles replace the private car?

During a recent press conference, Ford’s CEO was questioned if the entire industry will shift entirely to autonomous vehicles or will there still be conventional cars as well. This question has been on everyone’s mind as there is no doubt that a fully autonomous fleet of cars will set a new standard in the market. Every competitor will shift immediately towards these self-driving cars as innovation is the key to lucrative profits! Hackett stated that it’s the latter as it is still too early to determine if the entire market will shift to autonomous vehicles.

The demand and supply for these vehicles will depend heavily on the success rate of the first fully autonomous cars that are introduced to the market. People want to purchase these cars as they are designed to provide optimum protection and convenience, however, any accidents or mistakes in the manufacturing process can seriously deter the demand for these vehicles.  He further stated that due to the sheer competition in the market, every manufacturer will devise different features in their vehicles which will further diversify the market. Hence it is not possible for autonomous vehicles to replace the private car within the next couple of years.

Why Exactly Is The Market Excited For Self Driving Cars?

Whenever people would imagine the future, they would see self-driving cars. This concept of a vehicle is smart enough to drive people safely from one destination to another has always been considered to be an impossible feat. However, the latest shift in the automobile industry indicates that the world’s first fleet of autonomous vehicles may be on the way.  The world we live in today, keeps getting smarter so why should our mode of transports adopt a stagnant approach to change? Furthermore, these vehicles are designed to provide optimum safety which will help keep the roads safer at the same time.

Ford’s CEO also stated that they should roll out their first highly automated car by 2021 which will be used in a ride-sharing service. These self-driving cars will be instilled in a ride-hailing setting, to prove to the world how the concept of self-driving cars is truly remarkable.  However, this news has caused quite a stir as private taxi drivers are worried that they might lose their jobs to autonomous vehicles. Only time can tell how these vehicles affect the market and if they replace the private car or not.

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