Mazda Patents a Triple Charged Engine with an Electric Super Charger

May 1, 2018

A couple of years ago Volvo developed a 2.0 liter four cylinder engine, that had the capacity of producing 2450 horsepower by using two conventional turbochargers and a unique electric turbo. When Volvo initially introduced this engine to the market, it was dubbed as the next generation of sports engines as the performance and efficiency that this engine provided was simply extraordinary. When Volvo initially developed this concept, experts all around the world hailed this idea as two conventional turbochargers had never been combined into one engine. Volvo has still not introduced this engine in their latest line of vehicles as it is still in its prototype stages. This engine is still in development stages but has already caused quite a stir in the market as car fanatics all around the world cannot wait to get their hands on a vehicle that boasts such sublime performance ratios.

Mazda and its Triple Charged Engine

However, it seems that Mazda is developing their very own concept of a triple charged engine. They actually filed for a patent earlier this week and the blueprints depict a single engine that is powered by two turbochargers and one electric supercharger! From the blueprint, it is evident that Mazda is using Volvo’s concept, but is taking it to a whole different level.

According to multiple sources, this engine uses a pressure build-up to reduce the turbo lag and produce high-end acceleration, power, and efficiency. By eliminating the turbo lag, Mazda claims that this engine is going to provide top end power which will help them take the performance of their latest line of vehicles to a different level.  This is a feat that was previously considered to be impossible as every turbocharged vehicle has a turbo lag and this lag reduces acceleration and overall performance. Now Mazda has managed to prove yet again why they are considered to be an automobile giant. There is no doubt that this engine will help them establish themselves in the market once again.

However, the most interesting thing about this engine is the fact that it is designed for rear wheel drive transmission, which means that it is too complex for the Miata but it can still be used in any other sports edition that Mazda plan on launching. Mazda previously dominated the market with the RX 7 due to the engine’s high-performance capacity and since it functioned without any standard rotary engine.

Furthermore, this engine can also easily be installed in any SUV models as it can apparently power heavyweight vehicles as well. The blueprints also highlight different aspects of the engine that are still in development stages as the final product has still not been perfected. According to multiple sources, Mazda’s entire development team has been dedicated to perfecting this engine and articulating different applications for their latest patented engine.  Since the engine has only just been patented it is safe to say that there is a very long time before Mazda introduces a vehicle that is powered by the triple charged engine.

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