Mazda’s Upcoming Skyactiv-X Compression Ignition Engine Promises Diesel-Like Fuel Economy

June 14, 2018

Mazda is one of the few powerhouse automobile companies that keep surpassing everyone’s expectation. They have a unique approach when it comes to building automobiles and their impeccable designs and performance are two of the many factors which have contributed to the exponential success of this company. Now it seems that Mazda is at it again as they recently announced to have designed an engine that uses compression to initiate the combustion process.

According to Mazda this engine is the first of its kind and will be debuted in their latest Skyactiv- X series! Yes, you read that right; Mazda’s new flagship vehicle will incorporate this versatile engine to help Mazda establish themselves once again as an automobile giant. The Skyactiv-X will be released in 2019 but has already caused quite a stir in the market due to the high-performance qualities that this vehicle promises.

What Exactly Is The Compression Ignition Engine?

The compression ignition engine actually uses the same mechanics as a diesel engine but Mazda has apparently tweaked this engine to perfection as it uses a homogenous charge to operate.  This spike controlled engine seamlessly changes to standard combustion process under certain engine conditions. Basically, Mazda has combined the benefits of gasoline and diesel engines to produce staggering environmental performance, acceleration, and superlative fuel consumption.

Furthermore, this engine boasts 10-30 percent more torque than the existing fleet of Skyactiv-X and also provides more than 30 percent powertrain compared to its predecessors. Mazda also promises that the new engine will provide 45 percent more efficiency and this naturally aspirated vehicle is going to set a new standard in the market with its high-performance ratios and fuel efficiency capabilities.

This homogenous engine has never had commercial applications due to the difficulty in controlling when the engine combusts; however, Mazda has overcome this hurdle and plans on instilling this engine in their latest line of vehicles. The company has used unique spark plug combustion to control the combustion timings and in return have achieved controlled explosions for combustion.

Mazda further states that their engine can provide high performance in any given situation and that all of the variables that could affect the engine’s performance have been taken into account. To reduce the chances of external variables affecting the engine’s performance, Mazda has also included a spark-assisted system. This system uses a regular port and a direct engine spark mode during different conditions such as high road transitions, heavy load or other difficult scenarios. This exonerates the fact that Mazda has actually cracked the nut on combustion engines as they have brilliantly engineered their latest creation to overcome any kind of limitations. How well this vehicle performs in the market is still uncertain, but one thing is certain that Mazda’s latest engine will provide competitors with a blueprint. Slowly other automobile giants will work on this concept and will instill their personal medications which will help provide users with high performance and high-efficiency engines.

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