Tesla Model S Travels 670 Miles on A single Charge

July 6, 2018

Yes, you read that right, the all-new Tesla can actually travel six hundred and seventy miles on a single charge.  Tesla has always had a knack for developing products which provide users with a glimpse into the future and it seems that they have yet again personified the word innovation with their latest Model S.  The EPA has recently tested the latest Tesla and has ascertained that the Tesla can actually provide up to 335 miles on a single charge if different variables are taken into perspective.

However, five members of the Tesla team have stated that they have driven their Model S up to six hundred and seventy miles on a single charge.  They have claimed that the Model S provided this mileage in a seamless fashion and this is actually a record as no vehicle has ever achieved such a feat. This achievement actually beats the previous record that was set in Belgium of 110 miles!  This record-breaking car has already caused a stir in the market and with time there is no doubt that the Tesla Model S will set a new standard for the sedan industry.

How Did The Tesla Team Achieve This?

The Tesla team drove their vehicles at an average speed of twenty-five miles per hour and kept the air conditioning closed. Furthermore, their vehicles were equipped with low rolling resistance tires that are designed to improve the efficiency of the car. According to one of the drivers, the model S’s semi-autonomous driving allowed them to maintain a constant speed and he further claimed that this vehicle can actually transform ninety-five percent of the charge into motion! The S model uses a unique combustion engine which provides high performance and efficiency which was previously considered impossible for standard sedans.

This team all set out to different destinations and each driver had to maneuver through different road conditions in order to effectively test how many miles a Tesla can produce from a single charge.  Even though each driver took a different route, all of them managed to travel six hundred and seventy miles from a single charge. The previous record was set at 100D that was also completed through a Model S, but the latest installment seems to surpass its predecessor in terms of function, design, and efficiency.

Soon after the Tesla team achieved this remarkable accolade, the CEO Elon Musk voiced his appreciation on Twitter. His tweet read, officially verified as the first production electric car to exceed 1000km on a single charge! Congratulations Tesla Owners Italia!! This tweet has caused quite a stir in the market as it is the first time an automobile company can claim that they have developed a vehicle which can provide six hundred and seventy miles from a single charge.  How Tesla keeps on surpassing everyone’s expectation is the core reason behind this company’s exponential success and the new Tesla will most certainly set a new standard in the market.

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