Peugeot’s Opel/Vauxhall Purchase Might Not Be a Great Idea

One of the biggest automotive deals that took place in the year 2017 has been between General Motors and Peugeot. It is quite a well-known fact that the American automotive giant has been struggling to run in the European market. After a fair bit of struggle, GM made the difficult yet wise decision of dropping […]

Honda Civic Type R Will Finally Debut in the US

Honda Civic Type R has long been a fantasy for those in the US as the car has never been seen on the streets of this country. While it may not matter much to a layman, the fanatics craved to get behind the wheel and witness the true sportiness of Honda’s elite manufacturing. Fortunately, all […]

Tesla S P100D Can Get From 0-60 Mph in Less Than 2.5 Seconds

Tesla has been on the forefront of the automobile industry for quite a while now. The automobile was introduced back in 2003 and has since then placed its feet firmly in the green-car market. It is soon to release one of its much-awaited newer versions of the Model 3. The automaker claims that it will […]

Selling More Cars Hasn’t Been the Best Move for GM

General Motors is one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in the world. Only this February, it has sold 237,388 units, which is 4% greater than February 2016. GM, in one of their recent reports, also states that their retails sales have also increased. So we do know that the automaker is turning up great numbers […]

Nissan’s Prolific Operating Profits Fall Prey to Currency Fluctuations

Nissan is regarded as one of the leading carmakers around the globe. It produces cars that boast stupendous aesthetics and astounding performance. However, year 2017 did not bring much good news for the automaker. As reported by Nissan itself, the Japanese car manufacturer saw a 15% drop in its third fiscal quarter which ended back […]

Ford Shows GM the Way to Conquer International Automotive Markets

General Motors may be huge, but it didn’t foster in the European market for sure. So much so, that last week, the American automaker even went on to sell the Opel/Vauxhall unit to the popular French automobile company, the PSA Group. This move explicitly said that GM is not being able to cope up with […]

Here are the Cars People Hold onto for a Decade or Longer

Is there anything that you’ve held onto for a decade or longer? You probably have. During our lifetime, there is at least one possession that we love and want to keep for life. For some people, it is an action figure or stuffed toy gifted to them during childhood by a parent or someone ‘special’. […]

GM Faced a $29 Million Fine by China!

The global automobile industry always has a bunch of stuff going on. Among the most hyped news was the one a while back. Remember General Motors? Yes, the infamous American car manufacturer. It got charged a $29 million fine by China. Although the American automaker mints money, a $29 million figure is still enough to […]

Car Technologies to Look Out For In 2017

The automobile industry is always on the verge of a change. There is always a certain new piece of technology that enters into the industry, taking over the predecessor. Part of the reason for this is that there is great competition in the automobile industry around the globe. Whether an automaker competes locally or internationally, […]

SYNC Technology by Ford: A Brief Guide

Ford is among the American automakers that never fail to astound its users. For decades, the auto manufacturer has brought forward features that make its cars perfect for every use. From a regular mid-ranged sedan to a Sports Utility Vehicle, Ford has something for everyone. Every year, it introduces technologies that make its cars boast […]