Automotive Tips

Electric Engines Are More Environment Friendly than Gas Engines

The battle between gas and electric vehicles might not be the oldest, but it certainly has created hype in the past couple of years. While gas engines rule the streets at the moment, electrics are on the verge of taking over. If you look at the exterior, the only major difference seems to be an […]

Hybrid Engines for Beginners

There has been a great hype around hybrid vehicles and how they are better for the environment as compared to their counterpart gas engines. Regardless of your interest in the automobile industry, you might know that hybrid engines are surely a friend for our environment. But do you know exactly how these engines pull off […]

Is Your Car Too Hot to Handle? Here’s How You Can Survive in a Car with No A/C During the Summer

A modern marvel that most of us have grown used to, Air conditioning or A/C is something not many people can survive without during the summer. Today, a car without A/C is unthinkable and undesirable, especially in the warmer states. You wouldn’t find many people in Florida, Louisiana or Texas yearning for an old beauty […]

Which Cars Can Reach A 200,000-Mile Mark?

Automobiles may seem like just another piece of tech genius, but they seem to be much more than that for most people. There are only a few gadgets in life that we actually get attached to on a personal level. The two key things include our cell phones and our cars. Yes, cars are also […]

Everything you need to know about upgrading your brakes

You can improve your vehicle’s stopping power by upgrading their current brakes. However, upgrading a car’s brakes is no easy task as there are so many different factors that have to be taken into consideration. Every vehicle will have to attain a degree of knowledge in the braking mechanism present in their cars and also […]

Why Are Used Automobiles So Difficult To Find?

The US automobile industry has been on the rise since its inception. In fact, people love to have their own transport at their disposal whenever they need it. For some, it is the about the love of automobiles, while for others, the sheer ease in traveling acts as a core driver. Either way, it is […]

Save Your Car-Insurance Payments from Growing

Automobiles are a blessing you cannot deny. They have made what essentially took hours, a journey of mere minutes. However, owning a car is not as same as it was probably a decade or two ago. Today, the maintenance itself costs a fair buck, out of your paychecks. Consider the car insurance, for instance. While […]

Deep Subprime Is a Matter of Concern for the US Automobile Industry

If the financial crisis in the real estate sector wasn’t bad enough, we are now on the verge of a crisis in the car loan market. In order to help you better comprehend this discussion, you should first know what a subprime and deep subprime loan are. Subprime Loan Whenever you take out a loan […]