Going Green

1180-hp Ariel electric sports car is real, goes on sale in 2020

Concept cars have always been the most widely anticipated vehicles to ever enter the market. These cars provide everyone with a glimpse into the future and are renowned for taking the automobile industry to a whole different level.  Now it seems that car fanatics all around the world can rejoice as Ariel has recently announced […]

Volvo To Go All Electric Within Two Years

On Wednesday, July 5, Volvo, the Swedish automaker, revealed that it will go all electric within two years. Every car that Volvo launches after 2019 will have an electric motor. The announcement was made by Håkan Samuelsson, the president and chief executive of Volvo. This paves the way for a new chapter in automotive history […]

Excess Emissions Prove Costly as Fiat Chrysler is sued by the United States Government

On Tuesday, May 23, the United States Department of Justice sued Fiat Chrysler for cheating on diesel emissions tests. The U.S government has alleged that Fiat used a combination of software and defeat devices to trick officials into thinking that its 3.0-liter eco-diesel engines are eco-friendly. According to the civil lawsuit filed by the U.S […]

We Can Stop Tesla: Volkswagen Aims To ‘Leapfrog’ Tesla in Electric Car Race with Four Affordable Electric Cars

For long, Volkswagen’s vehicles have competed against cars with Japanese engines. But, the competition for these vehicles is about to change. Volkswagen, the German automaker, is all set to enter the electric car race. The world’s largest automaker by worldwide sales, Volkswagen will roll out not one, but four affordable electric cars in the next […]

France Ponders Banning All Fossil Fuel Powered Vehicles by 2040

A growing movement to force the extinction of vehicles running on fossil fuels has a new supporter: France. On Thursday, July 6, Nicolas Hulot, the ecology minister of France, revealed that his country was considering banning the sale of all gasoline and diesel vehicles by 2040. Banning all fossil-fuel-powered vehicles is part of France’s ambitious […]

Tesla Model 3 Can Change the Facet of Global Automobile Industry

If you’re even remotely in touch with what’s going on in the automobile industry, you would know that Tesla has gained control of the industry. It becomes fairly obvious when you get to know the brain behind the company—Elon Musk! Elon recently revealed their mid-ranged Tesla Model 3 which has left many in shock. This […]

Toyota in “Production engineering” for A Solid-State Battery

According to numerous reports, Toyota is currently touting its progress on a unique kind of battery technology that uses a solid electrolyte to power the battery. Traditional batteries use a semi-liquid form of electrolytes, but Toyota is working on a solid-state battery that will help power the vehicle with more efficiency and also reduce the […]

California Fuel Standards Become Tougher!

In a recent poll, the air regulators in California cast their vote in favor of keeping the tough vehicle emissions standards for a bit longer. California is generally considered to be a state with strict vehicle emissions standards. As per the unanimous voting by the Air Resources Board, the standards will continue to be implemented […]

Oil Companies Finally Recognize the Threat of the Electric-Car Boom

It has taken them long, but oil companies are finally waking up to the threat of the rising demand for electric cars. Today, many oil producers are seeing electric cars as the biggest threat to their future existence. Electric vehicles are fast taking over the automobile market and this isn’t just the opinion of automakers […]

Electric Engines Are More Environment Friendly than Gas Engines

The battle between gas and electric vehicles might not be the oldest, but it certainly has created hype in the past couple of years. While gas engines rule the streets at the moment, electrics are on the verge of taking over. If you look at the exterior, the only major difference seems to be an […]