Continental Invents Better Brakes for Electric Cars

Electric cars have recently been introduced to the public at large and have become the rage in the market as people simply cannot get over the fact that how much fuel efficient electric cars provide. The first electric car was released a couple of years ago, but since then the market has been flooded with […]

1180-hp Ariel electric sports car is real, goes on sale in 2020

Concept cars have always been the most widely anticipated vehicles to ever enter the market. These cars provide everyone with a glimpse into the future and are renowned for taking the automobile industry to a whole different level.  Now it seems that car fanatics all around the world can rejoice as Ariel has recently announced […]

Parking Brake Issue Leads to Tesla Voluntarily Recalling 53,000 Model S and Model X Vehicles

On the Morning of Thursday, April 20th, Tesla announced that it was voluntarily recalling 53000 Model S and Model X SUVs. Built between February and October 2016, the Model S and Model X vehicles were recalled after they developed a parking brake issue. Affecting all 53000 Model S and Model X vehicles, the issue prevented […]

We Can Stop Tesla: Volkswagen Aims To ‘Leapfrog’ Tesla in Electric Car Race with Four Affordable Electric Cars

For long, Volkswagen’s vehicles have competed against cars with Japanese engines. But, the competition for these vehicles is about to change. Volkswagen, the German automaker, is all set to enter the electric car race. The world’s largest automaker by worldwide sales, Volkswagen will roll out not one, but four affordable electric cars in the next […]

CVT Transmissions: What Are They?

Whether you are a car junkie or only have a mild interest in automobiles, you will have heard the term CVT transmissions. CVT refers to the Continuously Variable Transmission. It is basically a single-speed transmission and is also sometimes referred to as pulley transmission. CVT transmission is the modern replacement of the traditional automatic transmission. […]

Billions will be blown in race to field first self driving cars

Currently, there are over fifty major companies in the competition to field the first completely autonomous vehicles.  According to a study conducted by AlixPartners LLP out all of these fifty competitors, only a handful actually have the capacity of fielding automated cars that are complete in every aspect, according to this consultancy agency only three […]

Tesla Model 3 Can Change the Facet of Global Automobile Industry

If you’re even remotely in touch with what’s going on in the automobile industry, you would know that Tesla has gained control of the industry. It becomes fairly obvious when you get to know the brain behind the company—Elon Musk! Elon recently revealed their mid-ranged Tesla Model 3 which has left many in shock. This […]

BMW 5 Series Sedans Relieve Parking Woes with Real Time Updates

BMW has this profound ability and proficiency in surpassing everyone’s expectations with their sedan series. However, it seems that BMW has taken this to a whole different level by integrating with Inrix. Inrix is a transportation analytic company that has recently announced that they will be incorporating their services in the latest BMW series. These […]

Toyota in “Production engineering” for A Solid-State Battery

According to numerous reports, Toyota is currently touting its progress on a unique kind of battery technology that uses a solid electrolyte to power the battery. Traditional batteries use a semi-liquid form of electrolytes, but Toyota is working on a solid-state battery that will help power the vehicle with more efficiency and also reduce the […]

Companies Are Using Robot-Human Partnerships for Better Efficiency

As humans are progressing, we are moving towards a more digital world. With latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and their promising future ahead, you cannot help but accept the fact that robots are replacing most of the jobs humans used to do. In the global automobile industry, this can translate into autonomous cars amongst loads […]