Most of our Japanese manufacturer products are imported from Japan. The stringent so called Shaken inspection process in Japan mandates that all cars older than 4 years must go through a rigorous inspection at an authorized repair facility. This inspection includes tires, brakes, body damage, engine leaks, and many other areas. This inspection costs from $2,000 to $4,000 dollars each time. As a result, a majority of the Japanese population trade their cars in when this inspection is due and are given huge rebates in return to purchase brand new cars. The Japanese government mandates that over 8 million cars a year must be recycled. There is virtually no used car market in Japan and many of these cars are disassembled and recycled. Some are shipped overseas. That is where we come in. We buy these engines and transmission in bulk after rigorous inspections. These engines and transmissions are very low mileage in excellent condition, with typically less than 50,000 miles.

When you require an engine or transmission, it is important to have all of the correct information in order to get an accurate quote such as the year, make, model and engine size, at the very least. It is helpful if you have the VIN number. We can decode the VIN and provide an accurate quote every time.

Orders can be made by calling (800) 903-4430. All orders need to be placed over the phone. Online ordering will be coming soon to our website. We accept all major cards (VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover Card, etc.) We also accept cashiers checks or money orders and they can be mailed to our address. Cashiers checks and money orders will be processed when they arrive so please allow for the extra time it takes for us to receive them. Once we receive the cashier check or money order we will contact you to verify the order and have your item shipped out.

Engineworld is an engine broker. We only buy from reputable sources and insurance claimed vehicles. We do not buy any engines or transmission from the domestic market that are more than 80,000 miles. This policy is meant to ensure our customer gets a quality product that lasts. We test our engines for compression and oil pressure. All of our engines and transmissions are washed and painted after the testing procedure. We also give a 6 month, unlimited mileage warranty with all of our products. Most junkyards do not test or clean their products. A junkyard will typically only give you a 30 day warranty and in case of problems with the item, they usually will not have a replacement because of their low inventory.

Some engines and transmissions require a core return. There will be a return shipping fee. Please note that you will be paying two shipping charges. One freight charge is to ship the product to you and the other freight charge is for shipping the core back to us.  When calculating your total cost make sure to add two shipping charges to the cost of the item.

Please place core back on the same pallet the item arrives on and make sure the core is fully drained of all fluids. If available, place some cardboard on the pallet to soak up any leaks from the core. Please strap the core down as best as possible. You can use rope, coat hangers, nylon ties or duct tape. You can use really anything to strap it down as long as it is secured to the pallet.

Once you have the core ready give us a call. We will send you the paperwork (Bill of lading and shipping labels) and we will schedule the freight company to come out and pick the core up from your location. We can send the paperwork via fax or email. You will be sent three pieces of paper. The first two pieces of paper are copies of each other; this is the bill of lading. Please had both copies of the bill of lading to the freight company driver. He will sign off on both of them and hand one copy back to you. Pleases keep this for your records.

The third paper that you receive is the shipping labels. Cut the shipping label paper in half horizontally leaving an upper half and lower half of the paper. Staple each half to opposite corners of the pallet. The freight company will show up later in the afternoon and will pick up the core. If there is any complication with the driver please keep him at your location and contact us immediately.

Once we receive the core back at our location, we will check for cracks or holes in the cylinder block or cylinder head. If the block or head is broken, we will deduct 50% of the core deposit and the remainder will be refunded directly back on to the purchasing credit card on the same day we receive the core. Please allow the bank up to 48 hours to process the refund.


Core Checklist

  1. Core must be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase. We recommend holding onto the core until after the car is properly running.
  2. A core is the head/s, block, oil pan, valve cover, timing components, timing chain cover (where applicable) and all of the internal engine components.
  3. Hold onto our pallet to reuse when sending back the old engine
  4. Place this return tag on your old core engine to mark it for return
  5. You are responsible for contacting EngineWorld when the core is ready for pickup. We will contact the shipping company and organize the pick up of the core from your location.
  6. Always use shipping paperwork generated by EngineWorld to take advantage of discounted shipping rates
  7. You will receive 3 pieces of paper from us that will be needed for the core return. Two pieces of paper are copies of each other; this is called the Bill of Lading. One copy of the Bill of lading is for your records. The other copy of the Bill of lading you will need to give to the shipping company’s driver. The third piece of paper is the Shipping Labels. You will need to cut this paper in half and staple the two halves into the wood on opposite sides of the pallet.
  8. Core must be fully drained of all fluids before return. Fluids cannot leak out during transportation
  9. Core must be securely attached to the pallet and covered with plastic
  10. Core must be in one transportable piece with all internal components present
  11. Ensure you have every accessory you need off of your old engine or transmission before sending it back. EngineWorld is not responsible for parts left on the core.
  12. Ensure you are 100% ready to have the core picked up. The shipping company will charge a fee if your not ready when they show up to pick up the core.
  13. Common parts left on cores by accident: Crankshaft pulley, sensors, switches, manifold studs, valve cover bolts, oil filter and thermostat housings, oil and cooling lines, adaptors, brackets, fittings, flex plate or flywheel

If you are experiencing a problem with an engine or transmission that was purchased through EngineWorld, please contact us first before proceeding further. We will work with you and the auto shop to resolve the issue while the item is still installed in the car. Our staff is highly trained in troubleshooting and problem solving. Our goal is to reduce the amount of down time and extra costs involved with reinstallation. If the problem cannot be solved with the item in the car, then we will offer the required steps needed to get you a warranty engine or transmission.

The engines we receive from Japan are mostly complete with various parts and accessories.

The engines come with most of the accessories and the manifolds still attached to the engine. These accessories at times differ slightly due to country specific designs in Japan versus US parts. We recommend swapping over the US specific manifolds and accessories to ensure proper function with your computer and wiring harness. The transfer of these parts is also recommended to ensure the engine complies with your state or county emission laws.

Our domestic and European engines are furnished with manifolds and accessories still attached. These parts may also have to be transferred from your original engine to match the harness and emission laws. Please keep in mind that the accessories and manifolds are not covered under the warranty. If you choose to use the parts attached to our engines, do so at your own risk.

Similar to our engines, transmissions are sold with various attachments such as sensors, lines and accessories. We recommend that you transfer your original external components from your original transmission. This will ensure proper function of the transmission in your vehicle. It is recommended to install a new transmission filter (if applicable) on all automatic transmissions. Flushing the transmission cooling lines, is always recommended because old transmission fluid is trapped in the transmission cooler. This old fluid contains many contaminates and metal shavings. If not flushed out this old contaminated transmission fluid will enter our transmission and damage it.

There will be no refunds after 10 days from the purchase date. All returns and exchanges need to be in their original condition. We cannot refund or issue an exchange on any item that is not in same condition as we shipped it in. So please if you have removed any parts from our engine or transmission, reinstall it back on our product before sending it back.

Customer will be responsible for all freight charges involved with a return or exchange. There is a 20% restocking fee on all returned items. Please have all products strapped back onto the pallet and drained of any fluid. We will fax you the paper work and have the shipping company pick the item up from your location. Once we receive the products we will make sure it is in the original condition first and then issue a refund. Please allow the bank a few days to process the refund. It usually takes up to 48 hours for the bank to process the refund.