Looking for High Quality Toyota Motors from Japan?

Whether your old engine finally died or you’re working on a restoration project, EngineWorld has what you need. We provide some of the best and most affordable used Japanese Toyota engines in California. With an extensive knowledge of the engine market, competitive prices, and highly trained team, our company can satisfy all of your engine needs.

Why Does EngineWorld Import Right from Japan?

We believe our used Toyota motors from Japan are better quality than those other engine distributors can offer. This is due to Japan’s inspection law: all cars older than four years in Japan must go through a complex and expensive inspection process. Because of this, many Japanese car owners decide to trade in their vehicles, leaving the low-mileage engines up for grabs. There is practically no used car market in Japan — which is great news for us and our customers. After rigorous inspection, we buy these engines and transmissions and are able to offer high-quality products to our customers.

About EngineWorld

EngineWorld was founded in 2004. Every day since then, our team has worked hard to import low-mileage engines in excellent condition for our customers. Our process ensures that the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) engines are completely compatible with the US Domestic Market design specifications. We always make our customers a top priority, which is why we only offer fully inspected and tested used Japanese engines in California. EngineWorld offers customers one of the most complete inventories in the country. We have over 80,000 items in stock along with access to extensive international supplier networks. With our products, knowledge, and experience, we strive to not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations and needs.

If you’re in the market for some of the best used Japanese engines in California, contact EngineWorld today. Our customer service staff can help make sure you get the perfect engine or transmission for your project.