Engine World’s Used Japanese Engines

When you’re looking to find a reliable engine to replace your old one, Engine World has you covered. We have a large inventory of rebuilt and used Japanese import engines to choose from.

Why buy from the Japan Domestic Market instead of in the United States?

There are several factors that play into the reasoning of buying Japanese engines:

  • Unlike their U.S. counterparts, Japanese engines typically don’t have as many miles on them.
  • In Japan, most people rely on public transportation due to the high costs of maintaining a car.
  • The inspections that cars need to pass are also stricter in Japan. If a car does not pass the inspection, it is dismantled or destroyed. Engines that are still running properly or in good condition are then sold to the U.S. domestic market and companies like us.

When your car breaks down and you require a new engine or if you’re in the middle of a restoration project and want a cheaper engine, Engine World is here to help. We provide dependable Japanese motors that won’t break the bank. Why pay more for an engine that has more miles on it?

Here at Engine World, we’re able to get low-mileage Japanese engine imports for our customers. You can browse our different engine parts here. When you’re searching for an affordable rebuilt or used Japanese engine for sale, we have you covered. Thanks for choosing Engine World! If you have any questions, please call (800) 903-4430 to learn more today.