Where Can You Find High-Quality Used Japanese Engines?

Engine World offers used Japanese engines and transmissions that can bring back life to an old car without the high price tag.

Engines and transmissions don’t last forever. But when a motor goes bad, don’t trade in the entire car! Instead, consider looking for used Japanese engines for sale. And if you don’t know where you can find high-quality used Japanese engines for sale, then there’s only one name you need to know: Engine World.

Engine World chooses to import most of our Japanese manufacturer products directly from Japan. In Japan, cars older than four years are required to go through an inspection, which includes tires, brakes, body damage, and engine quality. This inspection can cost up to $4,000, and as a result many vehicle owners decide to trade in their cars instead of getting them inspected. And because there is basically no used car market in Japan, used vehicles are recycled. This is where Engine World comes in, and that’s how we manage to import so many barely used Japanese engines.

By purchasing these used engines from Japan, we have a massive stock of good condition, low mileage engines that we can then sell to our customers. As a premier engine broker, we only buy used Japanese engines and transmissions from reputable sources. In doing this, we are able to ensure our customers only get high-quality, thoroughly inspected parts.

Why Choose Engine World?

As the leading importer of used Japanese engines and transmissions, we pride ourselves in the knowledge and experience our staff has. We make sure our entire inventory of used engines are not only in excellent condition, but that they are also compatible with the US Domestic Market design specifications.

Since 2004, we’ve been continuing to build our technical expertise, and we strive to always exceed our customers’ expectations. With more than 80,000 items in stock, we have the ability to provide our customers with excellent replacements for their current engines and transmissions.

As confident as we are in the quality of our products, we understand that things happen. So to ensure our customers are truly satisfied with their purchase, we offer a six month, unlimited mileage warranty. If you’re looking for high-quality used Japanese engines for sale, call Engine World today to talk about your engine and transmission needs.