Japanese Engines for Sale in California

Why EngineWorld?

As the leading importer of engines and transmissions from Japan, our team has the knowledge and experience to provide unbeatable service. Since 2004, we’ve worked to build a network and reputation that allows us to have one of the best inventories of Japanese engines for sale. With over 80,000 items in stock and our full service machine shop, we are committed to not only offering the best Japanese transmissions for sale, but superior customer service too. With a high focus on customer service, we’ve established a bond of trust with our long list of loyal clientele. Each and every one of our products are inspected and tested before sale to ensure our customers are getting only the best.

About Our Warranty

We pride ourselves in offering our customers one of the best warranties on the market for Japanese engines for sale in California. All of our engines and transmissions come with a six-month warranty with unlimited mileage. The warranty covers the engine block and heads as well as all internal parts.

While we are confident that all of our customers will be satisfied with their purchase, we understand accidents happen and problems do arise. If you experience any problems with one of our engines or transmissions, contact us right away. We truly care about our customers and our products so if there is a problem, we’ll be happy to help.

If you’re looking for parts, repairs, or more information about our products, call us today. Our customer service staff is ready and willing to help!