Here’s Why a Honda is Such a Great Investment

August 21, 2018

According to a forecast by PwC, approximately 107 million vehicles will be manufactured worldwide in 2020. While it’s up to dealerships to make the final decisions in terms of the parts and manufacturers they want to invest in, it often helps to familiarize yourself with market trends and analyses in order to best predict growth and vehicle popularity. Honda is just one manufacturer that’s been known as a reputable make for years. Here are just a few reasons why Hondas are great investments for dealerships and automotive enthusiasts.

Value Retention

Value retention is a highly sought-after quality for any type of automobile. And Hondas are known for retaining their value significant longer than other manufacturers. This is true of multiple Honda models, from the Honda Civic to the Honda Accord, which have both received Kelley Blue Book Best Resale Value Awards and the ALG Residual Value Award. Plus, in 2016, Honda produced two out of the five top-selling cars in the United States, which happen to be the exact same models: the Honda Accord and Honda Civic. The bottom line? When it comes time to resell your Honda, it’s likely to be worth more than you expect when properly maintained. This is an undeniable sign of a worthwhile investment.


Have you ever seen any type of Honda broken down on the side of the road? It’s very unlikely. They’re consistently rated as one of the most reliable manufacturers in the automotive world. Not only has Honda earned the ‘Most Trusted Brand’ award, but consumer reports and other expert authorities consistently rank multiple Honda models at the top of the reliability rating list. There’s no doubting the fact that Hondas are built to last — just look at how saturated the used car market is with different models of Honda vehicles.

Fuel Efficiency

Finally, there’s no denying the increased fuel efficiency that comes with many modern Honda models. They’re offering more and more hybrid models, saving drivers gas money and decreasing their carbon footprint.

Overall, Honda sold over 4.7 million automobiles worldwide in the 2016 fiscal year. Its high-quality construction and state of the art Japanese transmissions for sale make it a reliable option for any driver. For more information about Japanese transmissions for sale and other used Japanese engines, contact EngineWorld.

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