used engines and transmissions

Benefits of Buying Used Engines and Transmissions

If you’re looking into used Japanese engines for sale, you’re making a smart decision. When it comes time for a new engine, many people consider buying a brand new engine. However, buying a used engine can actually offer more benefits. This article is going to discuss a few key benefits of buying used engines and […]

CVT Transmissions: What Are They?

Whether you are a car junkie or only have a mild interest in automobiles, you will have heard the term CVT transmissions. So, what are CVT transmissions? CVT refers to the Continuously Variable Transmission. It is basically a single-speed transmission and is also sometimes referred to as pulley transmission. CVT transmission is the modern replacement […]

Mercedes-Benz Brings Forth an Impeccable Transmission

When it comes to Mercedes-Benz, you already are prepared to hear something unique, something mind-boggling, and something great! The automaker has been surprising customers for ages now and still doesn’t fail to disappoint. Every new model brings forward an elevated class, and a touch of elegance that is unmatched by the automobile industry, a feature […]

Manual Transmissions-How Do They Work?

If you have ever owned or driven a stick-drive, there is no way that you haven’t ever messed up the timing of your clutch plate. Driving stick is a tad bit more complicated than an automatic. You have to press the clutch before putting your automobile in gear. Otherwise, you get to witness a weird […]