Unveil the Secret behind the Absolute Efficiency of a Hybrid Engine

April 15, 2015

The automobile industry has come a long way in the past few decades. Cars are no longer just the means of getting from one place to the other, but a statement of status and a definition of class. This is all subject to the sheer tech being used in vehicles for all sorts of different uses. From entertainment to a comfortable drive, to safety, everything is a matter of great concern while designing automobiles.

While talking about quality, comfort, and contemporary tech, mentioning hybrids is nothing but a must! Although hybrid cars have been on the market for long, it is only in the recent years that they have become more popular. They are some of the most comfortable drives for a feasible buck that you can get in the modern day. This is, of course, in addition to the great bit of performance hybrid engines tend to deliver, but how do they deliver it?

How do hybrids manage to offer such great mileage for such mere prices? To understand all that, let us dig into how they work.

How do Hybrids work?

Hybrid engines tend to seem complex, which is a mere notion in fact.

As you step foot on the paddle, the computer analyzes the amount of power it needs and then divides the job between the ICE and the electric motor. Unlike what most people think, ICE is to generate the major share of power while it is given a boost, an assist by the electric engine. In a stationary condition, your hybrid will cut off the ICE—that is if the air-conditioner is off. This means that instead of burning fuel, your car runs on the battery.

The computer plays a major role in shifting power-generation roles in a hybrid. It either lets one of the power sources run, or both simultaneously, for cases that require excessive energy. The best part is that it also ensures that the battery always remains between a green-40% to 60% at all times.

Key Points

  • In some hybrids, low-speed or uphill conditions tend to gain assistance from an electric engine while the main engine is at work. This is to gain excessive power.
  • There are hybrids that, as they reach a certain speed limit, completely cut off the electric engine’s supply which is regained as the car goes into the lower speed range.
  • Hybrid engines also tend to turn off while the automobile takes a stationary condition, be it for a brief moment even. Several such brief moments tend to save a great deal of energy by the end of the day.
  • All hybrids are green in nature as they do not excrete gases that are a hazard to the environment. Furthermore, they also perform efficiently to offer a far greater mpg, keeping a good part of your paycheck in your pocket.


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