How To Put Together The Perfect In Car Setup For Your Phone

March 17, 2017

Your phone can be both the perfect companion on the road and a fatal distraction, this is exactly why it is imperative that every car owner sets up their phones right. However, due to the complexity involved in hooking up a mobile device to a car’s console, many people struggle to effectively hook their phones up to their cars.

There are a variety of factors which have to be considered in order to effectively rig your phone to your car. In order to make life easier for every vehicle owner out there, we at Engine World have articulated a list of tips to help everyone rig their phones up effectively. These tips are as follows:

Mount your phone

The very first and arguably the most important step in setting up your phone to your car is investing in a phone mount.  The reason why a cell phone mount is too important is due to the convenience levels that it provides and since it will help keep the driver focused on the road.

A cell phone mount will make sure that your phone is completely accessible and it these mounts can be attached to a variety of locations. We would recommend mounting your phone right next to the steering wheel at an angle through which the road is also visible.

Set up your phone

Once you have invested in a phone mount the next step is to integrate your phone with your car, this option is only available in the latest models out there. Depending on the model of your vehicle you can download an application that seamlessly integrates the device with the car.

This integration will empower you with a variety of different functions that can be performed by the device itself. Besides this integrating your phone will allow you to answer calls, send messages and change the music without even touching your cell phone or dashboard! Each model has its own dashboard options, simply consult your vehicle’s manual to find out which mobile platform your vehicle is compatible with.

Download applications

After you have integrated your phone into your car the next step is download applications that best meet your specifications. There are thousands of applications available that are designed to help vehicle owners drive with immense ease and still have the ability to perform different tasks.

Once you have integrated your phone, you might have noticed recommended applications and updates. Please consider updating all of your applications and find apps that will help make your life easier.

To learn more about how you can enjoy your cell phone while on the move, simply call 800-903-4430 to get in touch with a representative from Engine World. We boast one of the most extensive array of services which include car engine replacement, replacement engines, used Japanese motors, Japanese replacement engines, low mileage Japanese engines, used Japanese motors, used transmissions for sale, used truck motors, replacement auto engines and much more!

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