Toyota in “Production engineering” for A Solid-State Battery

May 17, 2017

According to numerous reports, Toyota is currently touting its progress on a unique kind of battery technology that uses a solid electrolyte to power the battery. Traditional batteries use a semi-liquid form of electrolytes, but Toyota is working on a solid-state battery that will help power the vehicle with more efficiency and also reduce the overall size of the battery.

Toyota has stated that their new venture has reached the production engineering state and should be included in electric vehicles by 2020. A representative has stated that the final blueprint of this unique battery will be published before it is introduced in 2020. This venture has been hailed by automobile manufacturers all around the world as they can use this blueprint to create their own version of Toyota’s solid state battery.

What exactly is a solid state battery?

A solid-state battery will include both solid and semi-solid electrodes. Hence, the battery will have the capacity of charging at an expedited rate. This battery will not only charge at a faster rate but will also a very long lifespan compared to traditional batteries.

A solid-state battery can actually be fully charged within a matter of minutes and can power the car for a sustained period of time.  Besides this by introducing a solid state of electrodes, manufacturers will be able to reduce the overall size and weight of the battery. If that’s not enough, a solid state battery will reduce the risk that is attached to lithium batteries—the tendency to catch fire in extremely hot and moist temperatures.  This combination of volatile electrolytes and cathode materials creates a thermal runaway reaction which creates a fire or other chemical reactions!

The reason why this risk factor has been reduced is due to the fact that a solid-state battery eliminates the chances of the battery freezing. This means that it can withstand a range of different temperatures and conditions without compromising its output! There is no doubt that this battery will give Toyota a much-needed edge in the market of electric vehicles as currently, they are one of the few powerhouse companies that are focusing on battery modifications.  This solid-state battery has been dubbed the next generation of batteries and promises to produce efficient energy density, rapid charge times and reduced risk of fire hazards.

How can this new innovation help Toyota?

Tesla, Nissan, Chevy, and BMW have all scaled up their production of EV and Toyota will really have to step up their game in order to compete in such a complex market. This solid-state battery will certainly help them create a foothold in the market as their vehicles will have a monopoly when it comes to solid-state batteries.  This combination of volatile electrolytes and cathode materials creates a dangerous thermal runaway reaction.

It seems that Toyota is just getting started as this solid-state battery is a step in the right direction. To learn more about the latest trends in the market simply call 800-903-4430 to get in touch with a representative from Engine World. We boast one of the most extensive arrays of services which include car engine replacement, replacement engines, used Japanese motors, Japanese replacement engines, low mileage Japanese engines, used Japanese motors, used transmissions for sale, used truck motors, replacement auto engines and much more!

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