BMW 5 Series Sedans Relieve Parking Woes with Real Time Updates

May 23, 2017

BMW has this profound ability and proficiency in surpassing everyone’s expectations with their sedan series. However, it seems that BMW has taken this to a whole different level by integrating with Inrix. Inrix is a transportation analytic company that has recently announced that they will be incorporating their services in the latest BMW series.

These unique services are designed to help users find parking availability using historical and real-time data! According to Inrix, seventy-two percent of survey respondents stated that parking availability information is currently the most demanded feature in any type of vehicle.

This survey clearly exonerates the fact that parking availability information is one feature that will be hailed by vehicle owners all around the world. Now using these services people will have the ability to find parking using an array of different accumulated data, some of the data that will be available to users includes accident information, travel time and even the real-time traffic flow.

What to expect from this feature?

Looking at this from a broad perspective it can be ascertained that BMW and Inrix have targeted a unique pain point that is shared by vehicle owners all around the world.  Currently, ford has an application that helps users find available garage parking and Money Parking is another application that enables users with the ability to pay people for public parking spots that they are going to vacate.

This proves that Inrix will enjoy a monopoly in the market as they have no direct competitors who are providing real-time parking information services. BMW’s impeccable dedication in articulating features that will help improve their clients’ experience has to be commemorated as this feature will make life easier for everyone! Now using this feature, drivers will have convenience levels that would previously conceive as impossible and will also have the ability to find parking with immense ease.

Using an interactive dashboard every driver will be empowered with the ability of checking the traffic in different areas and find parking spots without even moving a muscle! It is safe to say that this feature is just the start as many different companies will incorporate this idea and will instill their business persona in their services. The applications of this feature are endless, only time can tell just how this feature evolves.

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