Parking Brake Issue Leads to Tesla Voluntarily Recalling 53,000 Model S and Model X Vehicles

August 17, 2017

On the Morning of Thursday, April 20th, Tesla announced that it was voluntarily recalling 53000 Model S and Model X SUVs. Built between February and October 2016, the Model S and Model X vehicles were recalled after they developed a parking brake issue. Affecting all 53000 Model S and Model X vehicles, the issue prevented the parking brake from releasing.

According to the statement released by the Tesla on April 20th, the third-party supplier of the automaker may have improperly manufactured a small gear present in the electric parking brakes installed on Model X and Model S vehicles leading to the parking brake issue. Though Tesla is adamant that the problem does not pose any safety concerns to its customers, it is asking owners to bring in their vehicles to have their brakes replaced.

The recall of the Model X and Model S vehicle is a proactive measure by Tesla to ensure that no issues with the brakes arise in the future. According to the automaker, if the existing brake in the Model X or Model S SUVs were to break then the brake would remain engaged but the parking brake would be stuck in place. For this reason, Tesla deemed replacing the brakes necessary. This is a great step by the automaker as a vehicle with a brake or engine issue is likely to break down and pose a danger to the driver’s life sooner or later.

Talking about problematic engines, you should consider car engine replacement if your vehicle’s engine has been bothering you for a while. Today, you can easily find used engines for sale including used Japanese engines, low mileage Japanese engines and many other replacement engines for sale. Coming back to the topic at hand, Tesla estimates that only 5% of the recalled vehicles will be affected and that replacement will take no longer than forty-five minutes.

Tesla has notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about the voluntary recall. Moreover, the automaker revealed that it would soon send out official recall notices to owners via mail. The company hopes to have all affected brakes replaced by October of this year. The only problem that Tesla may face is having to service too many vehicles at once. However, a spokesperson for the automaker has assured everyone concerned that the mobile technicians of the company will check the vehicles quickly and deal promptly with any Model X or Model S car that requires fixing. To prevent them from becoming a real headache, problems with vehicles should be dealt with promptly. This includes replacing problematic brakes and getting replacement auto engines.






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