Watch Out For These Three Warning Signs of A Shady Used Car Dealer

May 8, 2018

Finding a used car on the market today is possibly one of the most challenging tasks that anyone has to deal with, especially if you purchase a used car from a dealership. There are thousands of used car dealers out there that use shady antics to fool their customers, and once you pay for a used car, there is no turning back.  There are so many different pitfalls that come into play when you are buying a used car, which often most people end up buying cars that they regret later on. However to reduce the risk factor attached to buying used cars, given below are different signs which indicate you should choose another dealership.

Each car is suspiciously cheap

One of the most prominent signs that indicate you are dealing with a shady used car dealer is when each of the cars is priced at a surprisingly low price bracket. Most people jump at the sight of a cheap car, as they believe that they are getting a sweet deal. However, this is the furthest thing from the truth as these vehicles are being sold at low prices for a reason.  Please remember that no dealership will ever sell a vehicle without a profit, so how are they making a profit at such low prices?  So if your current dealership is offering their cars at questionable prices, please consider contacting another dealership in your area.

The dealership cannot provide a vehicle history report

Another profound sign that indicates that you are dealing with a shady dealership is when they refuse to provide a vehicle history report.  A vehicle history report is normally posted on CarFax and Auto Check; these reports are readily available for every prospective buyer and insurance purposes. If your current dealership refuses to provide a vehicle history report, then this is a clear sign that your dealership is trying to hide something from you! Any dealership that stonewalls you from a vehicle history report simply does not deserve your business.

The dealership does not allow you to use independent inspections

When it comes to used cars, the best way to find out if a car is worth your time or not is by using an independent vehicle inspection. These inspections can be conducted by any third party such as your current mechanic and are considered to be prerequisite for people who do not know about dealing with used cars. Only a seasoned professional can inspect a car and find out what is wrong with it, what has been repaired and if the car is worth its price tag. So if your dealership does not allow an independent inspection, then this means that they have something to hide! Never purchase a used vehicle without using a personal independent inspection.

These three signs mentioned above are just a glimpse into the array of signs which indicate that you are dealing with a shady dealership. If you notice any of these signs, please consider contacting a new dealership as soon as possible.

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