Find A Quality Used Engine by Avoiding these 3 Key Mistakes

October 4, 2018

Sometimes when the engine in your car quits, it can be tempting to just start over and buy a whole different car. After all, engine troubles are serious and often difficult to fix. However, in some cases, buying a used replacement engine for your vehicle can be a practical solution.

If your car is a popular Japanese model, buying a used engine might be an especially good choice. After all, Honda produced two out of the five top-selling cars in the United States in 2016: the Accord and the Civic. In other words, finding a used Japanese engine might be surprisingly easy. Avoid these mistakes while engine shopping and your car will back on the road in no time.


  1. OverpayingSometimes, used engine sellers online try to upsell inexperienced customers. Stay in the know about fair prices by doing a little research before making a purchase. For reference, the USA Today classifieds states that most used engines cost between $1,800 and $4,000. New engines cost up to $9,000, which is more than most entire used cars!
  2. Not Verifying Engine InformationWhile looking for used Japanese engines for sale, you’ll likely be looking for items with low mileage. Sellers may give you a number of miles anywhere under 75,000 but ask for verification before trusting their claims. CarFax reports are a great way to confirm seller’s statements regarding mileage and accident history. You can also look for trustworthy used engine dealers with positive online reviews to avoid scams.
  3. Not Knowing the PartFinally, do a little research about the engine you’re looking for before shopping. Reading the car’s manual is a good place to start. Try to find out if there are any problems that these types of engines are prone to. Make sure you have the VIN number before shopping, too, so that sellers know what you need. Also, know the transmission type and the size of the engine for your car, so you don’t bring home something that doesn’t fit.


By avoiding these beginner mistakes, you can save your money and save your vehicle by purchasing a quality used engine.

If you’re looking for used engines California residents trust, look no further than Engine World for quality Japanese parts. Engine World’s large stock and fair prices have provided used engines California residents can depend on since 2004. If you’re in the area, give us a call today!

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