What’s The Difference Between Domestic And Foreign Engines?

January 14, 2019
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Out of the many industries that Japan excels in, one of the most notable is the automotive industry. In 2016, Japan’s Toyota topped the list of the world’s most valuable car brands with an estimated value of just under 30 billion U.S. dollars. At the core of it all is the differences in engines. But why buy Japanese engines? What makes Japanese engines so different from American?


One of the main differences in American engines and Japanese import engines is in how each uses fuel. Typically, Japanese engines have been designed for as high of fuel-efficiency as possible. This is typically why you see people buy Japanese engines when they’re selecting based on environmental reasons. American engines can be just as fuel-efficient, but usually, the focus on fuel-efficiency is secondary, rather than being a primary concern.

Personal Preference

Aside from fuel efficiency, most of the decision on which engine to buy comes down to a matter of personal preference. Most metrics between Japanese and American designs even out, making both options high quality engines. While not all measurements on Japanese versus American engines are exactly the same, they largely even out over time, making them similar in most regards. Each has strengths and weaknesses, but for the most part, either option will be suitable.

However, make sure that the engine you purchase is one that’s compatible with your make and model of car. If you have an American car, an American engine is the right choice. Likewise, if you have a Japanese car, buy Japanese engines. However, if you’re looking to purchase a new car and trying to decide which make and model is right for you, the country of origin largely boils down to which you like better. Do your research and select the right car for you, and make sure to pay attention to which engine you’ll need to purchase as well.

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