How Can You Extend the Life of Your Car’s Engine?

February 16, 2019
imported engines from japan

With about 7.83 million passenger vehicles being produced in Japan every year, there are a lot of Japanese cars on the road. And hopefully, you’re the proud owner of one of these reliable vehicles. As a car owner, you always want to do your best to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. Otherwise, you may find yourself looking for replacement imported engines from Japan sooner than you’d like. So to help you keep your car in the best condition possible, here are a few easy ways you can prolong the life of your engine.

Follow a maintenance schedule: Every engine has maintenance that needs to be done regularly — things like oil changes, air filter replacement, and spark plug inspections are all crucial to keeping your engine running well. Your vehicle should have maintenance guidelines in its manual and it’s important to follow them. While taking your car to the shop for an oil change may seem like a hassle at the time, investing in the wellbeing of your vehicle will be worth it in the long run. So if you’ve been putting any maintenance tasks off, now is the time to get them done.

Drive responsibly: When you drive your vehicle, you’re automatically wearing down your engine. But when you drive irresponsibly, you’re increasing the amount of wear and tear your engine gets. When you excessively speed or slam on the brakes, it’s extremely bad for your engine’s wellbeing. The engine has to work harder to keep up with speeds and start or stop quickly. So to postpone having to looking for used Japanese engines and transmissions sooner than you should have to, make sure you’re driving calmly.

Get problems fixed quickly: It can be all too tempting to ignore a problem with your car because you don’t want to have to take it to the shop and leave with a hefty bill. But letting problems, even small ones, go unattended, is bad for your engine. So if you notice any issues with your engine’s performance, like stalling or weird sounds or smells, make sure to get your car looked at. Having a mechanic look at your engine for a small problem is easier than waiting too long and having to look for replacement imported engines from Japan.

Keeping your engine in good shape doesn’t take a lot of effort. Just follow these simple tips and your engine will last for years to come.

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