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Engine Trouble? Watch Out For These Warning Signs

Each year, about 7.83 million passenger vehicles are produced in Japan. If you’re one of the proud owners of a Japanese car, you know how important it is to find the right parts for your car. These parts may include used Japanese engines and used Japanese transmissions, both of which are crucial parts that insure […]

Volvo To Go All Electric Within Two Years

On Wednesday, July 5, Volvo, the Swedish automaker, revealed that it will go all electric within two years. Every car that Volvo launches after 2019 will have an electric motor. The announcement was made by Håkan Samuelsson, the president and chief executive of Volvo. This paves the way for a new chapter in automotive history […]

VW Exec Finally Plead Guilty For Emissions Cheating Looking Ahead to Up To 169 Years Prison Sentence!

Volkswagen is currently feeling the wrath of the media as people cannot stop talking about the fact that one of Volkswagen’s executive has been arrested. Schmidt is one of the six executives at Volkswagen and was arrested on January 7th on the basis of federal conspiracy charges, till date Schmidt is currently behind bars as […]

Excess Emissions Prove Costly as Fiat Chrysler is sued by the United States Government

On Tuesday, May 23, the United States Department of Justice sued Fiat Chrysler for cheating on diesel emissions tests. The U.S government has alleged that Fiat used a combination of software and defeat devices to trick officials into thinking that its 3.0-liter eco-diesel engines are eco-friendly. According to the civil lawsuit filed by the U.S […]

GM No Longer Number 1: Tesla is Now the Most Valuable U.S Automaker

In terms of market capitalization, Tesla is now bigger than General Motors, which makes it the most valuable U.S automaker. For much of 2017, Tesla’s stock has been on fire, resulting in the California based carmaker surpassing GM, the American multinational corporation, in terms of market value. In 2016, Tesla sold roughly 76,000 cars. In […]

Emissions Fraud Lands Volkswagen A $2.8 Billion Fine

Tampering with diesel-powered vehicles to cheat on government emissions tests has landed Volkswagen, the German automaker, a $2.8 billion fine. During a hearing in Detroit federal court on Friday, April 21, Judge Sean Cox sentenced Volkswagen, a little over a month after the automaker pleaded guilty to criminal charges arising from emissions cheating. Whether you’re […]

Weak Sales Send O’Reilly’s Shares Plunging

On Wednesday, July 5th, O’Reilly Automotive’s shares plummeted by 20 percent after the auto parts retailer headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, reported weaker than expected same-store-sales-growth. This was due to the fact that same-store sales of the aftermarket car-parts chain missed its forecast for the second quarter. In addition to O’Reilly, peers AutoZone Inc. and Advance […]

Parking Brake Issue Leads to Tesla Voluntarily Recalling 53,000 Model S and Model X Vehicles

On the Morning of Thursday, April 20th, Tesla announced that it was voluntarily recalling 53000 Model S and Model X SUVs. Built between February and October 2016, the Model S and Model X vehicles were recalled after they developed a parking brake issue. Affecting all 53000 Model S and Model X vehicles, the issue prevented […]

We Can Stop Tesla: Volkswagen Aims To ‘Leapfrog’ Tesla in Electric Car Race with Four Affordable Electric Cars

For long, Volkswagen’s vehicles have competed against cars with Japanese engines. But, the competition for these vehicles is about to change. Volkswagen, the German automaker, is all set to enter the electric car race. The world’s largest automaker by worldwide sales, Volkswagen will roll out not one, but four affordable electric cars in the next […]

Rolls-Royce Rolls Out the New Mansory

Back in the initial days of automobiles, they were nothing more than a new medium of traveling. Today, they are a medium of travel, a symbol of status, a definition of utmost comfort, and so much more. There is a vehicle for almost any budget you set for purchase. You can get an automobile for […]